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Interview – Marina Agrafioti

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Marina Agrafioti, the owner of Blue Collection real estate company, reveals why Mykonos relives moments of great… grandeur!

Η ιδιοκτήτρια του real estate Blue Collection Mαρίνα Αγραφιώτη αποκαλύπτει γιατί η Μύκονος ξαναζεί στιγμές χλιδάτου… μεγαλείου!What is the new trend in Mykonos as far as villas’ rental is concerned?During the last two years there has been an amazing increase in villas’ rentals. Many of the owners now have the official sign of the Greek Tourism Organization and this fact has made everyone take a more intense action in terms of social media marketing. The posts in Facebook, Twitter and Instangram are now a daily activity for the promotion of the villas. Individualization is also a trend of 2014, focusing on the preferences of the visitors.

With what time would you describe what happens this year on the island?
Mykonos relive the golden times of the “Onasis era”. It reminds me of the time that our country had legends, tycoons and tourism.

How important are the partners you have chosen to achieve your goals?
For me the partners as well as the partnerships are very important. As a former executive officer of a multinational company of luxury products, I always aim at the better outcome of our services. We are very close at growing as a company and very soon we will be a joint venture, with an investor company from abroad which will give us the opportunity to offer important and innovative ideas for another upgrade in the area of luxury tourism.

What is the strangest thing that a customer has asked from you?
In the winter a customer asked to meet me to give him a presentation with expensive villas at which he wanted to spend his holidays and if later he liked one he would buy it. I thought we would meet in Mykonos, but in the end they asked me to go to their country. They sent me a lear jet and I went there for 24 hours.

What does the term “hospitality” mean to you?
Our motto is «May all those who come as guests leave as friends».

Is it true that “in Mykonos anything can happen”?
Nothing happens accidentally. Mykonos besides its amazing beaches, food and fun of the highest standards it also has an unbeatable infrastructure at providing services, satisfying even the most demanding billionaire.

A bold… experience that someone in Mykonos should experience?
Striptease in a villa at night, in a swimming pool full of candles, with Joe Cocker’s «Υou can leave your hat on» playing in the background!

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