Plot for Sale in Serifos – Greece | Real Estate Development | Spectacular Sea View | REF: 180412420 | CODE: POL-3

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Selling Price: 1.200.000€

Greece Serifos

The property is located at the Greek island of Serifos and at a privileged place in the island’s capital village of Chora, which is listed as a traditional settlement, having a spectacular overview of the whole picturesque village and on the southwards endless Aegean Sea.

Serifos Island is among those in Cyclades with increasing demand for second homes and summer recreation accommodation, emerging either by locals or foreigners. There is a plan to develop the property for this purpose, and to create small and medium size dwellings onto 6 independent but adjacent plots.

The organization of the property is designed in a manner that achieves its optimal utilization under the existing terms of permitted building, by subdividing the plot to six independent buildable plots of surface ranging from 1000 to 1300 sq.m., all with an excellent orientation to the south and unlimited overlooking to the sea.

A legal entity was established for that reason and the building permits were issued for each plot, allowing the erection of 24 homes in all (four in each plot). There is possibility the four dwellings-homes on each plot to form an independent property or each home to form an independent property, too. This arrangement was conceived in order to provide flexibility addressing the variety of market demands.

The issuing of the six building permits implies that there are not any forestry, archaeology, environmental protection, or other origin restrictions applied in the property. On the contrary, due to the traditional character of the Chora Village, the competent building licensing agency exercised a more thorough inspection that all relevant specific building terms and conditions were met.

Also, an access road from the main road of the island is bought, all the infrastructures (electric network, water network, biological drain) are completed and the construction of the first two houses (that have not been completed yet) has been started.


  • Unlimited & unobstructed view of the Aegean
  • Sloping layout
  • Continuity with open, free space
  • There is no through-traffic
  • Direct service from networks of water-energy
  • 6 building permits allowing immediate residential building
  • Ability to change the use in rented holiday accommodation

General Info

  • Location: Serifos | Chora (capital village
  • Orientation: SE
  • Sea view
  • Sunrise view
  • Plot Size: 6.440 sq.m.