Athens Luxury Villas


Welcome to a world where luxury meets Greek charm – the ultimate experience in Athens Riviera villa rentals

Athens, a city rich in history and culture, offers an unparalleled setting for luxury villas that promise an exclusive and memorable stay.

Luxury villas in Athens Riviera offer more than just accommodation.. They provide a gateway to an exclusive lifestyle. These villas are designed to offer comfort, privacy, and a taste of opulent living, surrounded by breathtaking views and world-class amenities.

The Luxury Villa Experience

Blue Collection stands as a leading provider of luxury villa rentals in Athens. Our services extend beyond just rentals, encompassing real estate services, event planning, car rentals, yacht, heli, and private jet charter, and VIP concierge services.

Proudly, We’ve been recognized internationally, winning the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2018 and Luxe Global Awards 2023 for our exceptional villa rental service in Greece.

The selection of villas for Rent in Athens Riviera is guided by stringent criteria to ensure only the finest properties are offered, so our portfolio reflects the latest trends in the luxury market.

Our Platinum Blue Villas Collection offers a selection of high-end villas, specially curated for VIPs and celebrities. These villas meet the rigorous standards of luxury and exclusivity that Blue Collection upholds.

Blue Collection offers valuable insights into the Greek villa market, providing clients with access to the most sought-after properties in Athens and beyond.

From car rentals to private jets, Blue Collection offers a range of transportation solutions, ensuring comfort and style in every journey.

Personal Concierge, Security and close protection services are also available, providing peace of mind and safety for guests at all times.

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